version 0.5.3


Roam the world!
Explore the dungeons!
Fight everything!
Have fun!

Click/tap the screen or press [Space] to start.
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who are you?

Choose a name for your character, the fearless @ in the middle of the screen.

If you have not yet read the instruction, you can find them inside the game by clicking the [?] key, or from the main menu, which you can open by clicking/tapping on the protagonist (the @ in the middle), or by pressing the [Enter] key.

Choose a class

a) Warrior
Your average hack-n-slasher. Strong, stout, dumb.

b) Ranger
A specialist in ranged fight. Nimble, but not very muscular.

c) Wizard
A clever spellcaster, can use powerful magic, but phisically is an amoeba.

Click/Tap on a class or click the corresponding key ([a], [b] or [c]) to choose

There is no justice. There is only me.

Relax, the worst is over.

Nothing personal, really: it's just how things always go, you know.

Click/tap the screen or press [Space] to restart, if you really want.
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All hail the great !
After defeating even the strongest bad guy, you are now acclaimed as the greatest of all times. More or less.
A happy future of sitting on a bench and feeding pigeons is waiting for you. Cheers!

Click/tap the screen or press [Space] to restart, if you really want.
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There are 10 dungeons scattered through the wilderness. The easiest one is the dungeon Basica, the hardest is the dungeon Avernus: all the others are somewhere in between. Every dungeon ends with a boss (a Ω letter), which can be quite nasty, but it often carries some valuable items. To win the game you have to defeat the final boss in the dungeon Avernus; to lose the game you just have to be defeated.

To interact with the game you can use quite a lot of keys (but not THAT many, yet), or you can open the main menu (by pressing [Enter], or by clicking/tapping on the @ in the centre of the screen, which corresponds to your character).

The game is still a work-in-progress, so expect some errors, odd behaviours and so on.


You can move by using arrow keys, numpad, number or by clicking/tapping the part of the screen corresponding to the direction. It the tile is already occupied by a monster, you will attack that monster.


Every turn your hunger will increase. You can eat food rations, corpses and other things. Before eating a corpse, it’s better if you butcher and cook it: the resulting meal will be more nourishing and you will avoid nasty things that could happen if you eat raw stuff. Before wandering through the wilderness outside a dungeon you better gather a lot of food, or you might starve to death during the trip.


You can find various items scattered around the dungeon or pillaging dead enemies. To pick them up, walk on the tile and press [g] or [,] key, or choose the corresponding action from the main menu. You can wield or wear some of the items, or also eat, drink, read them, or perform other kind of action with them. Some are beneficial, some are not.


You can save the game whenever you want: it will be recorded inside the browser you are using at the moment. This means that yes, you can cheat like crazy if you feel like doing it: it’s up to you. Anyway, I strongly believe in permadeath, which means that your saved game will be deleted when you die. Death is forever. Or nearly forever: there might be an item that grants you a second chance, somewhere in the world...

Main keys

Click/tap here or press [Esc] or [Space] to go back to the game.

Click/tap here or press [Space] to go back to the game.

Click/tap here or press [Return] to confirm the selection.

Click/tap here or press [Escape] or [Space] to exit.

Which equipped item do you want to take off?

a) Main weapon:

b) Secondary weapon:

c) Armour:

d) On head:

e) Around the neck:

f) On feet:

g) Ranged weapon:

h) Ammo:

Click/tap here or press [Escape] to exit.